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Rozie just fininshed performing in a well-received evening of one-acts called "Short Stuff Four The War at Home" at The Barrow Group. Rozie was recently seen playing a lawyer on NBC's "Law and Order: Criminal Intent" ("Brother's Keeper" episode) as well as playing a shady lady on "Law and Order: SVU" ("Recall" episode). Rozie was also recently seen playing a 1960's mom in the Microsoft Vista "Wow" tv commercial.

Rozie just played Angie the bartender in Wayne Gurman's film "Bottom Feeder". Rozie recently shot several short films. In Dan Mitchell's "The Dinner Party," she plays Joan, a kooky psychic that may or may not be trying to kill the guests. In "Nadine," Rozie plays Nadine, a hair-replacement specialist struggling with her independence. And in Israel Horowitz's "Security,"( recently featured in the Columbia Selects Festival) she plays Chris Messina's (Six Feet Under) tough as nails ex-wife. Rozie can currently be seen in "The Method," playing at film festivals around the country.

Rozie most recently scored a hilarious singing voice-over: the pilot/pitch "Cellblock Nine" (click here to listen). Rozie recently appeared as the Herpes Chef on Comedy Central's "Stand Up Nation With Greg Giraldo."

Click here to view Rozie's new reel!

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