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R o z i e   B a c c h i

in Don Quixote

This performance of Graham Greene's adaptation of the original farce by Pablo Picasso's little known younger nephew by his sister's lesbian dominatrix explodes onto the stage with spicy, but occasionally flawed, direction.

The costumes and lush scenery are lush and costumey. Little else can be told about these ultimate thrills, and subtle chills.

If dairy products could be non-refrigerated over a weekend, so one must think the casting of this production is also a small miracle. Have you ever left a motorhome in high summer heat in a parking lot of a Ramada Inn in Page Arizona, only to discover upon your return that the refrigeration unit has broken down and all your cold cuts and dairy products have spent the weekend perfuming the stagnant air with vigorously procreating bacteria? Well, THAT is how much this cast doesn't stink! And yet, they too are vigorous and creative.

Rozie Bacchi, as Don Quixote's estranged lover, gives depth and empathy to a role otherwise underwritten. Her seething presence on the corner of the stage gave Don Quixote (Don Knotts in the role for this performance) something to be anxious about.

Billy Crudup, a more experienced actor, gave a somewhat milquetoast rendition of Tonto, Don Q's righthand man. We thought he was expecting a camera crew.

Don't miss this performance - it may be your last chance to see this rare play staged outside of New York.